My Expectations for CCA

I am so glad that I found the courage to take an Ed. Tech. minor. I was always so terrified of all the new and advancing technology that I just wanted to stay as far away from it, but since I don’t see it going away anytime soon the only option I had was to become a part of it.
The last few classes I have taken have been very fun and I have walked away with a lot from them and I expect the same from Classroom Computer Applications. It’s a great feeling when you see how good a risk taking decision turned out to be. I feel so much better prepared now after having a technology background to get into my own classroom.

From Classroom Applications I hope to learn how to provide a technology-rich environment in my classroom by exploring new technologies and learning how to incorporate them as well.

I’m no longer terrified, instead I am so excited to learn about new technologies!

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