Monday, February 27, 2012

Wag the Dog- Personal Review

1. What do you feel is the message the director is trying to express in this movie?  Support your answer with examples.
I believe that the message the director tried to express in the movie is the impact of television on our society. We tend to believe anything just as long as news reporters are reporting on it and networks are airing it. The director made up absolutely everything including the footage that was shot in the U.S. that was meant to depict what was going on in Albania at the time, but no one thought to question it. 

2. If applicable, discuss if you think this movie has accurate depictions of minorities or if they are situational? Why or why not?
I do not think that this movie had inaccurate depictions of minorities because they had minorities working in all different types of professions which is what we would see in everyday life. 

3. Explain if you think the director’s ethnic/cultural/professional background played a role in directing this film?
The director’s professional background could have played a role in directing this film. In his other works he addressed issues of race, political debate and humor.

4. What groups (people of color, nationality, culture, class, gender etc.) may be offended or misinterpret this movie and why?
The people of Albania and maybe even all of the former Yugoslavia and any other small countries may have been offended. Mr. Fix It and the director didn’t for a second believe that the people of Albania would do anything to prove to everyone that this was all fake. They probably couldn’t do much because the technology and possibilities for them were so limited where in the U.S. they were endless. Illegal immigrants could misinterpret this movie and be offended by it because there was more attention focused on not hiring illegal immigrants than it was on the fact that they were lying to everyone and faking a war to boost someone’s reputation. Those with power are able to do anything and get away with it. 

5. What the movie added to your visual literacy?
Prior to having seen this movie I had never thought about what all it is that producers and directors can do to make something so simple seem so extravagant. They were able to produce everything from smoke to buildings to make the scene look real without anyone seeing any of it as suspicious. I also enjoyed the scenes that were shot in the water. They created a nice effect that I had not seen before. 

6. What kind of artistic and/or visual means did the director use in the movie to focus our attention?
To focus our attention the director used sound. There were songs created to help portray different scenes and their attempts to fool people. The footage shot from under the pool was used as a symbolization of how someone could have been spying on the actors as they were scheming.

I would greatly recommend this movie to someone who needs a few good laughs!